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Pathelen® (European Class 1 Certified Medical Device), a pioneering, side effect free treatment for open wound infections like MRSA, MDR, ESBL, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria (Superbugs), advancing existing capabilities of wound-care in public, private and military hospitals.


UniPharma is a newly formed company licensed to market, and supply Pathelen in Ghana, Nigeria, projectively the wider African continent and Qatar.


We are focused on solving the issue of anti-microbial resistance in open wounds, preventing suffering, treating patients rapidly, effectively and cheaply and saving millions of lives worldwide.



In summary...

  • United Nations and WHO warn that antimicrobial resistance has become one of the biggest threats to global health.

  • Pathelen, is a far more effective replacement for all antimicrobial wound treatment devices that bacteria cannot develop resistance to. It can solve this problem!

  • Pathelen is a patented, European Medicine Agency C1 approved medical device and incredibly versatile, working internally and externally on infections ranging from MRSA to infectious diarrhoea.

  • Pathelen Health Care AG has developed Pathelen over several years and done over 1000 successful case studies, culminating in UniPharma running a successful case studies in Ghana since March 2019.

  • UniPharma have subsidiaries setup and trademarks registered in Ghana and Nigeria and have been awarded a temporary NAFDAC licence in Nigeria.

  • Pathelen is about to be placed on the ‘Essential Medicine’ list in Ghana and UniPharma have trials underway and orders from government institutions in Ghana and Nigeria.

  • Pathelen is produced by Pathelen Health Care AG who signed an exclusivity agreement with UniPharma in 2018 for the marketing and distribution of the products in selected African countries and Qatar.

  • UniPharma are in the process of raising an investment round to scale the company rapidly.



Supporting the World to solve the Anti-Microbial Resistance Crisis

Pathelen® is a medical device, specifically designed and developed for the treatment of multi-resistant bacteria (such as MRSA) in open wounds. Vitally, bacteria are unable to develop resistance to it, in contrast to all antibiotics designed to perform a similar function.


Pathelen® eliminates most external bacterial wound infections within 5-10 days, with use cases such as preparing for a wound closure surgery or enhancing the growth of granulating tissue on the treated wound.

It has a wide range of antimicrobial uses, highly effective in combating gram-positive and gram-negative aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms (clostridial and non-clostridial in composition with aerobic and facultative anaerobic).

Germs which can be typically treated with Pathelen® are:
Staphylococcus aureus, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Enterobacteria i.e. – Escherichia coli – Klebsiella pneumoniae – Klebsiella oxytoca, Proteus mirabilis, Non-fermenting organisms i.e.  Pseudomonas aeruginosa – Acinetobacter baumannii – Pseudomonas

Key Pharmaceutical Properties

Clinical practice shows that the current, individual use of other antimicrobial agents in the treatment of purulo-inflammatory diseases and purulent wounds, does not always lead to the desired result. Additionally, misuse of antibiotics has contributed to the emergence of resistant (hospital) strains of pathogenic micro-organisms, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and become a serious challenge for modern medicine.


Pathelen® can solve this problem, utilising new compositions based on highly dispersed silicas and polymethylsiloxane which have enhanced absorptive, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing abilities for the treatment of a wide range of diseases caused by pathogenic micro-organisms, in particular, purulent wounds.

The intensity of the regeneration process and healing of infected ulcers and wounds depends largely on the speed with which they are cleared of pus and necrotic tissues. Applique sorption, a method of wound healing in which an absorbent in powder form is applied to the wound as a dressing, greatly accelerates this process. This absorption detoxification restores the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes by the removal of microbial cells, bacterial toxins and toxic metabolites of wound fluid and wound cavities in direct contact with the surface of Pathelen®.

Another important therapeutic factor in the first phase of wound healing is dehydration, i.e. absorption of fluid from the wound cavity and perifocal tissues. Hydrophilic highly dispersed silica (HDS) can be used in the first phase of wound healing. Its detoxifying action is due to the absorption of pathogenic protein substances (up to 800 mg/g), including microbial enzymes, exo- and endotoxins (Lipopolysaccharides) and micro-organisms.

Innovative & Unique Treatment

Pathelen® is a pioneering new treatment for a wide range of wounds in soft tissues with aerobic and anaerobic infections, for previously incurable wounds and for common chronic wound diseases including:

  • Exudating wounds

  • Chronic pressure ulcers

  • Venous leg ulcers

  • Diabetic/neuropathic ulcers

  • Fungating, cancerous or malignant lesions and wounds with necrotic tissue.


Pathelen® can prevent bacterial infections in post-op wound treatment and has haemostatic action (a process which causes bleeding to stop).


Some strains of MRSA are resistant to all kinds of antibiotics. Pathelen®, due to its affinity to proteins, heals uniquely by agglutinating (clumping together) microorganisms which have protein molecules on the surface.


Through its revolutionary strategy, a local physical absorption treatment of wound bacteria is used instead of the traditional approach of a systemic antibiotic treatment. Pathelen® can even successfully treat ongoing, irreparable wound infections, which are "protected" by a biofilm, or wounds which are contaminated with antibiotic resistant MRSA and extended spectrum beta lactamases (ESBL) producing bacteria like E. coli and Klebsiella.


The most typical problems of patients with these wounds are:

  • Rapid destruction of tissue

  • Slow detersion of a wound

  • Increase of infectious and inflammatory process (SIRS, sepsis)


The unique effect of Pathelen is achieved through various simultaneous mechanisms:

  • Elimination of the biofilm

  • Sorption of necrotic tissues

  • Sorption of pus and toxins (including large amounts of problematic lipopolysaccharides)

  • Preparation of a physiological wound environment with granulating tissue

Why is Pathelen so Effective?

  • Rapidly removes toxins from any wound and heals it

  • Bacteria can’t develop resistance

  • Blocks corrosive properties of saliva and lymph

  • Very high sorption and does not penetrate the blood circle

  • Removes bacteria and prevents it from re-entering the wound

  • Efficiently eliminates the multi-resistant bacteria flora

  • Destroys micro-organism optimal living conditions

  • Inhibits surface and intracavitary bleeding

  • Reduces risk of sepsis and considerably reduces infection

  • Decreases exotoxins production

  • Can be used with other medicines and has no known side effects

  • Easy to store and use requires minimal training



Pathelen Health Care AG


PHC AG is a highly funded organisation founded in 2008 by Andreas Tausch, a biochemist and philanthropist.


He conceived the unique and ground-breaking Pathelen formula, which has changed the way we approach wound treatment. Subsequently, Pathelen has been refined, tested and patented to its present highly marketable status and been the subject of thousands of successful case studies over a number of years. Although Pathelen has been the initial focus of the company, other equally effective products are pending release.


Unitas have a strong personal and contractual relationship with PHC AG and are heavily aligned in making Pathelen available for a highly successful treatment in many forms.


Get to Know Us

Daphne Diluce

Chief Branding Officer

An international, multilingual, entrepreneur having worked across Europe for over 20 years on high value & highly complex and sophisticated projects, Daphne Diluce has carved a successful path in global branding, film production, creating wonderful work empowering many companies. Whilst living in Germany Daphne Diluce excelled in working in film, creating Marketing Ads & Films for a Global market working on many prestigious projects closely and alongside brands like Jägermeister, Poly lady, Coppenrath & Wises and many more. Transitioning into the world of Design she became a highly skilled Interior Designer & Lighting expert winning large commercial projects across Europe creating, purchasing, project managing and completing large and complex projects all in time, and on budget. Complementing these great achievements, Daphne Diluce also had an Interior Design Store & soft furniture manufacture acclaimed for being in the best top-ten stores in Dusseldorf and is the founder/designer of ‘fusion io’ an automated, digital & AI marketing platform that carries powerful brand elements out into the global market.

Stephen Gillen

Chief Marketing Officer

A successfully global entrepreneur, Stephen Gillen build his first multi-million-pound company with his family over a three-year period in the construction industry 10 years ago. He next went into different diverse industries having an IT & Media company producing documentaries on the world’s most successful empires and dynasties which gained global traction being viewed in over 130 countries. A next successful innovation was in founding Shooting Stars Events a pioneering global company that solved many important pain-points in the Film, Music, PR & Media Industry. Since then he has gone on to gain a high profile in the broadcast media and TV, be a multi-award winning entrepreneur, writer, international public speaker, earlier this year being nominated by the UK Peace Ambassador for the prestigious 2020 Sunhak Peace Prize for distinguished humanitarian work.



 CEO / Co-Founder

A serial entrepreneur, having founded businesses over 20 years in executive search, consultancy, FX and distribution. Thomas has worked with some of the most successful global businesses which include Hilton Hotels, Laduree, Conrad Hotels and 5 Guys. This experience perfectly positions him as CEO of UniPharma.


CCO & CDO / Co-Founder

As Chief Communications & Development Officer with an eminent profile in Ghana, Eric helps investors identify opportunities in Africa. His network spans high net worth individuals through to the top reaches of the Africa Elite and prominent figures on the Arabian peninsular. He set up Dumont Noir, the successful luxury concierge and asset intermediary, honing management, marketing and communication skills and developing his world class network.



Jay has attained director level seniority within highly reputable organisations, demonstrating exceptional commercial awareness and business acumen. He possesses a dedication to training and development, strong sales and negotiation skills, and the ability to create sophisticated plans for growth and loss prevention. Jay has held senior positions at DHL where he worked his way up to Country Manager level. He will head the full Africa launch of Pathelen.


 COO / Co-Founder

An experienced senior leader across the sales, hospitality and distribution sectors, Paolo is an operations expert. He has been working successfully alongside Thomas in operations and finance for the last 12 years. UniPharma is the latest exciting venture of this highly credible partnership.


FD UniPharma / MD Unitas Group US

Jeyson attended Saint Peter’s University in New Jersey on a football scholarship attaining a degree in International Business and Trade. He went on to lead the global credit and collections team at Panasonic Electronics US.  He has since held Finance executive roles within global conglomerates such as Morgan Stanley, Pearson Education, American Express, and NBC Universal. He currently holds the designation of Certified International Credit Professional (CICP) awarded in December 2011. Jeyson has taken on the US territory and has already developed our Unitas services into the US.


Company Lawyer

Gilles is the founder of GM avocats. He is qualified as Avocat au Barreau de Paris (1998) and Solicitor of England & Wales (2006) and attended Paris Sorbonne and Harvard Law School. Since 1995 Gilles has developed a comprehensive expertise in international transaction deals contracts, corporate and M&A, litigation, and in the role of general counsel to international clients. He teaches Franchise and European Distribution law as adjunct professor for Master students at the Paris Nanterre University. Since 2015, at the invitation of the US Government, Gilles has assisted the Tunisian Government in the modernisation of its legal environment in relation to franchising, the ultimate goal being to enhance international trade.


Consultant Medical Doctor

Dr Ismail is a highly qualified physician specialising in infectious diseases. He is originally from Nigeria and is currently a resident doctor at Regional Clinical Infectious Hospital, Kharkiv, Ukraine, where he has had his research published. He brings an invaluable medical lens to growth of Unitas.

He is a consultant and advisor and has been on the ground with the team to help educate Ghanaian and Nigerian doctors on Pathelen, guide their device implementation and successfully oversee multiple case studies and trials.

He has become an expert in the capabilities and application of Pathelen and will help shape progressive implementations for the medical device. He will also spearhead all clinical trials and training for African countries and help develop a scalable training and growth strategy for the UniPharma Medical Team.



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Chief Logistics Officer / MD Nigeria

Paul runs a successful distribution business in Nigeria with Woaw! Logistics, which distributes 50% of the medical and pharmaceutical products across Nigeria for WCW. Through Woaw! he has built a very extensive network and is connected to the top tiers of government and the military in Nigeria.


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